‘Hottest spot in the world’: ‘We need to be prepared for a heatwave’

The hottest spot in Australia has been identified as the town of Hobart in Western Australia.

A team of geoscientists from the University of Tasmania has made the map of the hottest spots in the country using satellite data collected from the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to the map, Hobart sits in the middle of a hot spot.

Hobart is also one of the areas that has experienced the hottest weather in Australia since satellite images began being collected.

“We have been able to find some hot spots, some hot regions in the Western Australia region,” Dr. Mark O’Connor, who led the research team, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The research team found Hobart had the highest heat index recorded in the entire world at the time of its discovery.

The team says it has been able a lot of information about hot spots around the world to identify the locations.

It has found a lot about hot weather around the globe, but not so much about the hot spots in Australia, which is a hotspot.

“In Hobart we found hot spots that are just as hot as the rest of the world,” Dr O’ Connor said.

The researchers say it is difficult to pinpoint where Hobart stands in the hot spot database.

“When we looked at the hot-spot database, we found Tasmania had the lowest number of hot spots.

But we did not find Tasmania with the highest number of those,” Dr Adam Wilson, one of lead scientists on the project, told ABC News.

The Hobart hot spot has been named as “the hottest spot of Australia”.

“The hottest spot is located just about at the bottom of the map where the hot weather is, and it is about 100 degrees hotter than the average temperature in Hobart,” Dr Wilson said.

Dr Wilson said the research was not meant to be political or to suggest the hot area was not worth visiting.

“This is a very hot spot, it’s the hottest spot I have ever seen,” he said.

Hobart is one of a number of places in Australia where the weather is hot enough to cause people to pack their bags.

Australian Weather Bureau meteorologist Peter Goggin told ABC Radio Hobart there is no specific temperature data available to measure Hobart’s heat index.

“This information is provided by the weather bureau.

It’s a very rough estimate,” he told the ABC.

The map was made by Dr O Connor and Dr Wilson using data from the United States Geological Survey and satellite imagery from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.