Israel’s satellite internet service is in need of an upgrade

An Israeli satellite internet provider is struggling to keep up with demand for its new satellite internet product, and it needs more time to address the problems.

The Israeli telecommunications giant Tel Aviv University announced on Wednesday that it had been unable to install a new satellite TV set because of problems with a key component of the technology, the satellite internet connection.

It said the issue had been resolved after Tel Aviv’s company, Telmex, paid $2 million for a new power supply, but the new satellite would not be available for customers until late December.

The company had hoped to begin selling the new product as soon as the Israeli government approves the new contract for its satellite internet in mid-December.

However, Tel Aviv said in a statement that TelmEX had refused to provide the new equipment because it was not part of the original contract.

Telmex did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Israel Telecommunications Authority (ITA) said that since its launch in June, the company had received over 600 requests for new satellite broadband, and that the agency had no plans to issue any new licenses for the service.

Tel Aviv said it would be launching its new service this month in the northern city of Tel Aviv, which has been home to Tel Aviv International Airport since 2010.