AT&T announces launch of satellite cell service for smartphones

AT&t is launching a satellite cell network for smartphones, according to the company’s latest quarterly earnings report.

The satellite cell company’s satellite cell services, called Satellites, were first announced in January 2017.

Now, the company has begun rolling out the service on a “rolling basis.”

AT&ts satellite cell offerings offer a range of connectivity options, including a 1 gigabit data connection, a 5 gigabit connection, 10 gigabit connections and an unlimited data plan.

The satellite cell plans will come with a 4G LTE network, with the 5G version available for $150 per month.

AT&s plans also include the option of paying a monthly $25 fee for a 1-year contract with the cellular data.

The company has also launched a 1G version of its cell plans, with plans priced at $40 per month, for customers who want to keep using their phones while on a cellular data plan for a year.AT&t has also been launching its own mobile internet service, the T-Mobile U-verse, with an unlimited plan.

AT &t’s U-Verse offers a $50 annual data discount.AT &t is not the only company that is launching satellite cell internet services, however.

In 2017, Samsung launched a satellite Internet service for its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Sprint announced plans to launch its own satellite cell Internet service in early 2018, but it has not yet launched its own cellular internet service.