How to fix the Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, plus more…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not a battery-powered device, but it has the power to drain your battery, according to some users.

The Samsung Note 7, which is now out of production, has the ability to drain up to 80 percent of your battery by accident, according the New York Times.

It also can cause your phone to freeze up, according a report from the Verge.

Samsung has promised to fix this issue.

However, some Samsung owners are complaining about the problem, and have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Some users say the Galaxy Note7 can cause a permanent shutdown.

Some users also say the phone won’t charge when they turn it on.

Samsung says it is working on a fix for the issue.

We are working on it!

The fix is coming soon!

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