Why do we need satellite weather radar?

The first of three new satellite weather forecasts are set to go live in the coming days.

The National Weather Service says the first forecasts will be available in a few hours.

The forecasts are expected to provide the public with the latest information on the state of the state’s weather.

There will be a range of forecasts from light rain and snow to heavy rain and high winds.

These forecasts will also include the possibility of rain and fog and thunderstorms.

For the past week the forecast for the state has been dominated by severe weather, including thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

Ahead of the first forecast, the weather service issued severe thunderstorm warnings for some parts of the State.

Satellite weather is one of the best tools for keeping us informed.

It’s important to remember that weather is unpredictable and not always predictable.

If you are travelling, stay alert, stay safe and stay safe at home.

Be aware of possible bushfires and other threats, as they can be caused by extreme weather conditions.

Stay safe at work, in schools, businesses and public transport, and check the weather before you travel.