Satellite industry’s latest big win

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In November, the United States Federal Communications Commission voted 4-2 to overturn a ban on using satellite speakers in homes.

The decision will allow consumers to buy the speakers for as little as $299.

Satellite phones and other wireless products will still be banned, and the industry will continue to fight any changes to the current ban.

For years, the Federal Communications Agency (FCC) has been working on an alternative proposal to regulate the use of the wireless technology that allows wireless speakers to work in homes without interference from other devices.

But in September, the agency dropped the proposal in favor of a “satellite radio exemption” that allows satellite phone service to continue in some circumstances.

The FCC has also proposed that satellite radio companies be required to post notices on their websites and on the Internet about the safety of their equipment and the devices they use to communicate with consumers.

The proposal to exempt satellite phone services from FCC rules also would require the FCC to issue a rule requiring satellite radio providers to ensure that their satellites are able to work with their phones and tablets.

Satellite TV companies have been fighting to get the FCC’s rule in place, and in February the agency issued a final order that would have exempted satellite TV services from the existing rules.

But the FCC has since said it is delaying the rule’s implementation and is considering new regulations.