Watch this man’s video of a satellite redirecting a plane into space from his roof

Video game designer Brad Bushnell was inspired to make his own video game after watching a YouTube video of the same event.

Bushnell, who is also a pilot, told The Verge that he wanted to recreate the event in the real world.

“The first thing I was thinking of was just flying around and doing this,” he said.

“The other thing was, why not do it from the roof?

It’s not that hard, really.

It’s a really simple thing.”

The video game creator, who lives in Texas, said he wanted his game to have “a kind of futuristic feel” and that it would be “not only fun but also realistic.”

It would be a “simulation game.”

“I want it to feel like a real simulation,” he added.

“And that’s the beauty of it.

It could be a real sim or it could be just like, well, I’m trying to do this on a simulated planet.”

The game would feature a realistic looking space ship that would be able to maneuver, and that would use lasers to shoot missiles and other objects into space.

He said that the game would be based on “the idea of a drone being able to be used to do a number of things, like fly a space ship, or land on a planet.

It would just be a drone.”

The title of the game, called Space Station, would be named after the space station that the man and his robot, named Robot, were able to land on in the video game.

Bushndons version would be set in the year 2055, the year that the United States would be launching its first space satellites.

Bushren said he was also working on a video game that would “play out like a game of chess.”

“I’m going to make a game that is a game where you’re trying to make space stations,” he told The Guardian.

“It’s a game about how you can be on the space stations, how you’re not, how to get the people out of the space, and how you make a space station.

It’ll be a game you play when you’re flying in space.”

Bushndon is the founder of the design studio R&D Games, which specializes in video games and other video games, and is also known for his work on the popular Call of Duty franchise.