Japanese Satellite TV Provider Shiba Is Sets to Launch a Global Satellite TV Service

Japanese satellite TV provider Shiba has announced that it is planning to launch a global satellite TV service.

Shiba said on Wednesday that the service would begin in 2021, and it plans to launch the service via satellite as soon as 2021.

The company said it will launch the first Global Shiba Global TV service via an existing constellation of satellites.

Shibuya said it has already secured satellite TV contracts with two local broadcasters in China, the People’s Daily and China Central Television.

The new service will be available on Shiba’s existing satellite television service, which is now available through the company’s website.

Shigekazu Ishikawa, the head of Shiba Television, told the Wall Street Journal that the new service is in the works, and he expects it to launch before the end of 2020. 

“We are in discussions with the satellite providers.

They are considering us,” Ishikawa said.

“The plan is to launch globally, as we have already started to do, and to launch by satellite in 2021.”

The news comes a day after the Chinese government launched a satellite television satellite called Shijian, which was built with American technology. 

In June, China launched a Global Shijia satellite TV station in the southern province of Jiangsu.

The satellite has a capacity of 8.7 million people and is currently being used for commercial TV content.