How to get your Russian satellite to fly in your space suit

By Andrew Harnik / Business Insider Russian space agency Roscosmos is planning to launch a spacecraft that will fly into the sun, sending a sample of the atmosphere, water and minerals into orbit.

The mission, called the Roscosm 3 mission, will be conducted by a Russian launch vehicle known as the RS-25, a rocket that will carry a cargo spacecraft into orbit, carrying a sample sample of a geology sample.

The RS-23 rocket is the most powerful rocket that Russia has ever built, and the RS.25 is capable of lofting samples weighing over 10 metric tons into space.

A large section of the RS25’s upper stage is capable to lift the rocket to a height of nearly 20 meters (65 feet).

The payload fairing will also be used for the launch, allowing it to reach an altitude of nearly 30 meters (98 feet).

The rocket will take the geology samples to the launch site in the southern Russian region of Sverdlovsk, where it will be carried to a launch site by a water rocket and an upper stage.

The water and mineral sample will be separated from the rocket before it can be delivered to the spacecraft.

The rocket will then burn up in the atmosphere and be captured by the craft.

Roscosmos has launched five previous space missions using this rocket and has launched three more missions using it.