Black Knight satellite Internet, unlimited satellite internet for Canadians, says CBC

The CBC is announcing a new $1.4-billion satellite internet project in Nova Scotia.

The project will be led by the company Guster Satellite and will be built on the Bancroft property at 1/2 of the size of the existing satellite service, according to the company.

The $1 billion satellite internet network will be located at the former Halifax Regional Airport, where the current Halifax Regional airport is located.

The new satellite internet service will be available to people across Nova Scotia, with access starting in 2019.

Guster says it’s also investing in its existing satellite network in order to expand its footprint in Nova Scotian territory.

“The Guster network is currently in operation across Nova Scotia.

It is the first in the country to provide satellite internet in a way that is accessible to a significant portion of the population in a reasonable time frame, according [to] Guster CEO John Pritchard,” Guster wrote in a statement.

“Guster is the only Canadian company to have developed a full satellite network that meets the high standard of reliability and scalability that is required to meet the needs of this population.”

The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

CBC has been following Guster’s satellite internet plan since 2016, and recently profiled the company’s plans for the project.

The company is currently testing the satellite internet on the island of Newfoundland.