Satellite map shows where to go in New York City

New York is on track to become the first city in the country to be able to map the path of satellites.

The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) on Tuesday unveiled a new map showing where to take off from and land in New Yorkers’ backyard.

The map was created by New York’s Transit Lab, an organization that makes satellite imagery available for use by local governments.

The MTA, which is also looking to use the map for its public transit systems, is trying to help residents of areas like Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island navigate the city.

The new map comes after several years of efforts to make mapping easier, including an effort to create a single, unified data set for transit riders, and a pilot project that mapped the route of a bus from Times Square to Union Square.

The project, called Transit Maps, aims to give riders access to more accurate transit maps by using data from the Global Positioning System, or GPS, and other sensors, said MTA spokesperson Michael DellaVigna.

This is the first time we have made a map of the entire city, he said.

The mapping effort is part of a wider effort to improve data sharing between city agencies and local governments, including creating a more centralized data repository.

The transit system’s new maps will be available online for free.

“We’re using the map to show the neighborhoods where we need to make connections, where we want to see data, and where we can use GPS to get there,” DellaLiga said.