How to get weather satellites to show smoke satellite images of India

A satellite has captured images of smoke that has been drifting across India’s eastern coast for more than a week, a new study shows.

A satellite image shows smoke drifting across the Indian Ocean, east of Maldives, on August 26, 2018.

The smoke has been detected on the Indian coast for over two weeks, according to the new study by scientists from the Indian Meteorological Department.

The satellite image showed that smoke is spreading across the eastern Indian Ocean and the Indian mainland and is beginning to move inland.

“Smoke has drifted east from India for several days, drifting across parts of the Indian Pacific Ocean and eastward across the East Indian Ocean,” the researchers said in a statement.

The scientists added that it was likely that the smoke was created by a natural process, and that the Indian authorities were not responsible for it.

“We are not sure of the source of the smoke, but the Indian Maritime Development Authority (IMDA) should be closely monitoring this phenomenon to ensure that it does not affect the safety of the international shipping trade,” they said.

The Indian Meteorology Department said it was investigating the issue and would update the study once a clearer picture emerges.