How does a historical satellite image compare to a modern satellite image?

SiriusxM satellite image (Credit: Wikipedia) The image above shows how a modern image looks to a historical one.

The modern satellite shows a large white area and an unknown location, while the historical satellite shows the same area and a large blue area.

The area around the blue area is probably the original surface.

The difference is the shape of the blue and white areas.

A modern satellite view shows a white area with a large red dot and a white dot around the red dot.

The historical satellite view has no red dot, but a red dot has been added.

Both images show a large area around a white spot and the same blue area, while in the modern satellite it shows a red spot with a blue area and white dot.

A difference in the shape between the two images is the difference in colour.

The image below shows how the two look to a satellite image of a small town in China, and how the modern view shows an area that is larger and is also blue.

The white area is not visible, while there is a red area that appears to be a white town.

A satellite view of the town shows the area around it is darker, and the red dots are missing.

A map shows that the area is roughly on the same side of the mountain as the mountains.

A historical satellite shot shows the white area around town as dark and blue.

A contemporary satellite shot of the same town shows a larger area around white and red dots.

A comparison of the two views shows that a white field is present in the historical image, while a red field is seen in the contemporary view.