How to make an album with Google Music’s ‘Georgia’ playlist

Google Music offers a unique feature to its subscribers.

When you subscribe to Google Music, it offers an option to “georgias tunes,” as it calls them, to your library.

This feature was first introduced to Google subscribers in June 2018.

Now, a number of other music services are offering a similar feature as well.

These include Spotify, which launched a georgia playlist in November 2018, and Tidal, which introduced a similar option last month.

In addition, you can download and stream the songs of artists like Jay-Z, Drake, and Lady Gaga.

Here’s how to download a georged album for yourself.


Navigate to the georgeia page for your subscription service.


Tap the gear icon next to the name of your subscription.


Select your subscription in the pop-up menu and tap Download.

The download will begin.


Select the georgias music in your library, which you can then play or record using any app you have on your device.


After you’ve finished the download, tap the play button to start playing the song or album.


When the georeggia playlist is finished, you will receive an email notification.

Tap that to return to the home screen.


You can also play or rewind the song using the on-screen menu.

To skip the song, tap it and tap skip again.

To rewind it, tap skip.

To get back to the album, tap or tap album.


When finished playing, tap play again to stop.

You will be presented with the song in a new playlist.