How to use the satellite image above to find your nearest beach

Here’s how to use a satellite image to find out where you might be on the beach.

Image copyright Google Maps Image caption The image above shows the exact location of a beach at Porthall, near Porthill, on the east coast of Ireland, and how far it’s from the city of Belfast.

The image is in the format of latitude/longitude.

You can see the area of land in the image, as well as the elevation and distance to each point.

You could also see that the area is not as far away from Porthalor, a city in Co Clare, as the image suggests.

Image caption The picture above shows Porthalla, Co Tipperary, at its widest point, at 4,859m, with the centre at 3,929m.

Image source Google MapsThe image above is of a small area of the island of Ireland.

Image credit: Google MapsImage copyright PA/Flickr/Google MapsThe next image above also shows Poulthor, Co Cork, at the far west end of the country.

The image was taken in November 2016.

It was taken with a Sony D7100 camera and shows the distance to Poulthalor, an area of about 2,400sq km.

Image courtesy of Google Maps