Dish satellite launches in Kazakhstan

Dish, the owner of SpaceX, the first privately funded space-launch company, said on Wednesday it had successfully launched a SpaceX-built Iridium satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The launch was powered by a liquid-fueled Atlas V rocket, which the company said would be delivered to its customer, Kazakhstan Space Industries.

The Iridium mission is a test run for the company’s next generation of commercial satellites.

The satellite will provide a link between satellites in geostating and in space and will provide customers with high-speed broadband Internet and telecommunication services.

The Baikoure-2 satellite is designed to provide satellite data to customers in Kazakhstan and the Middle East, and also carry communications satellites to support military and civilian applications.

The company has a partnership with Russia’s Rostec, which operates the Baikousat space station.

It said it planned to launch another commercial satellite from the Baickoyin facility in December.