Israel’s fastest satellite internet to reach Israel

Israel’s Israel Satellite Internet Service (ISAS) is set to become the first privately owned satellite internet service to reach the country.

The launch of the service, the world’s fastest, is scheduled for Friday, which will be the launch day for Israel’s next-generation internet infrastructure.ISAS has been launched in partnership with Israel’s Tel Aviv-based Space Agency (SEA), which will provide the infrastructure and operate the satellites.

The agency will operate the satellite for six months, which means it will be ready to use by the end of the year.ISAs high-speed internet service will connect more than 4.2 million Israelis with the Internet.

It will also serve the country’s most populated areas.

According to the announcement by SEA, the service will cost just $50 a month.

The launch of ISAS is expected to be the countrys first commercially available satellite internet.

“Israel is a small country that has experienced a rapid growth of population in the past couple of decades, and it’s very important that our country has access to the fastest internet in the world,” said SEA CEO and founder of ISA David Ben-Ari.

“The fact that we can offer this service to the entire country means that the entire population has access.”

Ben-Ari said that the service would be able to handle 1.5 times more data than previous satellite internet services, and will provide speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

It would also allow Israelis to browse the web for the first time.ISA also plans to provide the service to several other countries, including the United States, China and South Korea.ISas high-Speed Internet service will be available to all Israelis on Friday.