When you want to see satellites, look at them right now

Satellite launches are one of the best ways to see the world, but in this case, the best way is to use Google Maps.

The company’s mapping app is available on Android devices worldwide.

It is not currently available in Canada.

“I think the idea of Google Maps, you know, the whole concept of satellite navigation and the whole idea of being able to get in your car and get to a location you want, you can see it on your smartphone or your tablet,” said Jeff Sauer, director of engineering at Google Maps Canada.

The app is used to navigate in real time and it also tracks your location and time of day.

It also lets you search for locations using your own Google Maps and Google Maps for Android.

The idea is that Google will eventually bring this functionality to other countries, he said.

“We can bring it to all the places in the world that we have to, you just have to add it to the app or we’ll add it automatically to the Google Maps app, so you can go into your phone and just have a Google Maps experience.”

The app has not yet been updated for Android devices, but Sauer said it will be shortly.

“It’s going to be a feature that we’re adding very soon and then, when we can do that, we’ll bring it across to all of our devices,” he said, adding that Google Maps will be available in North America, Latin America, and Africa.