Google Maps will no longer show your address on your Google Maps app

Google has rolled out an update that will no long show your location on your search results when you hover over it on your Android device.

In a statement, Google said it’s removing the location of a given location from Google Maps, and instead displaying it as a list of nearby locations.

It says this will help people find your address, and it will also show the exact location where you were when you visited it.

Google Maps is still in the early stages of being updated, but the change should be rolling out to users in the next few days.

A Google spokesperson said the change was made to help improve the accuracy of the location, and to make the search results more clear.

Google says it also wanted to remove the location information when users search for things like directions, addresses, and phone numbers.

The company says this changes the way people are able to find the closest restaurant, gas station, or grocery store to them, so you’ll no longer have to look up a street address in Google Maps when you want to find your nearest hotel.