How to make coffee with Jupiter satellites

A coffee shop owner in the U.K. is making his own espresso.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Shop in Liverpool, England, is a small coffee shop with a dedicated espresso machine that can brew up to a cup of espresso.

Owner Ben Flemming says he started by trying out different coffee makers and then found out that a small, cheap espresso machine works perfectly.

“We found that the best coffee makers are the cheapest,” he told CNN.

“The best espresso machine, I think, is the coffee machine that’s only a little bit bigger than the coffee cup.”

Flemming told CNN that if he can’t find a coffee maker that’s affordable he will probably be making his espresso by hand.

Flemmer has already tested his coffee using a small amount of coffee and he says it works perfectly.

“It takes about five minutes to make the coffee, but it’s not bad,” he said.

“You can buy coffee here in Liverpool if you’re not in the city.”

The Coffee Shop owner says he uses a coffee grinder that he bought at a hardware store and a spindle attachment to grind the beans.

Flemmer says he’ll likely start a small batch of coffee to test the coffee beans and also to test different coffee beans.

He says he’s looking forward to testing different coffee methods, as well as experimenting with different grinds.

“I think the biggest challenge for me will be finding the best grind,” he says.

“And maybe I’ll have to do that with the espresso machine.

But it’s an important thing to experiment with and maybe eventually I’ll find something that works.”

Femming is working on getting the machine to coffee grinders in the UK.

He says that the coffee shop is the first in the country where the espresso maker is being used to brew coffee.

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