India: ‘Gustav’s satellite’ may not be an XM-17 satellite, experts say

India has not ruled out the possibility that a satellite belonging to the legendary Soviet cosmonaut Valentin Guster may not have been an X-M-1 satellite, but the country’s satellite technology agency says the possibility has not yet been ruled out.

Gustafsson was the first Soviet cosmologist to orbit the earth.

The agency said its own satellites were also not yet certified as X-m satellites, but it could not rule out that the Guster satellite could be an alternative model.

“The idea of satellite with a X-number is something that is very much on the table, but we are not ruling out that possibility, if it is possible,” said Ajay Bhushan, chairman of India’s Satellite Technology Development Agency.

The agency, which is currently in the process of developing a new constellation of satellites, had earlier said that India’s own X-band satellite might be a candidate for the new constellation.

India is planning to launch its own XM satellites in 2021.

As part of its programme, the agency is also working on a series of satellites that are designed to be equipped with radar and communications satellites.

The country is also in talks with other countries to set up similar satellite constellation.

A satellite designed to orbit earth would provide a unique window into India’s past and present.

Its first mission is planned to be the countrys first satellite launched in 2021 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern Chinese city of Wuhan.