When are we going to see a live feed of the Super Bowl? by zoleobotnik

If you thought the Superdome is the place to go when you want to watch the NFL, wait until you get to see what you’re missing out on when the NFL telecasts on CBS and NBC.

CBS Sports and NBC are hosting live games in 2017, but only if the networks agree to a new simulcast agreement.

That agreement was reached back in January, but that deal could expire this year.

Now, the NFL says it has been told it needs to get the two networks on the same deal before the end of the season.

It would be a nice way to get everyone on board with a possible broadcast deal, which is a big part of the NFL’s $2 billion in annual revenues.

The networks are also set to simulcast two games between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, January 31.

That would give viewers an extra shot at seeing both the game and the Superbowl.