Which Chinese Satellite is Russian?

Chinese satellite maker Tsinghua announced today that it is partnering with Russian satellite maker RSCOM to provide “deep space broadband” to China’s remote rural areas.

The two companies announced that they would jointly produce the Tsingheng-2D satellite that will provide broadband connectivity to remote rural regions in China’s northern Guangxi province. 

The Tsinghen-2 satellite will be manufactured in the Tingheng Group, an affiliate of Chinese state-owned aerospace firm, Tsinghai. 

Chinese media outlets say the satellite will carry a 2.3-meter (9-foot) diameter antenna that is designed to provide the most efficient and stable connection to remote remote areas. 

Tsinghua is already developing the technology and is aiming to launch the satellite in 2020.

“We are proud to launch our first commercial satellite in the world and are confident that this collaboration will be successful, as we will be able to provide high-speed broadband services to remote areas,” Tsinghu said in a statement.

“The Tinghai satellite will enable our industry to provide a higher quality and more reliable connection to the remote areas in China.”

China is also developing its own deep space satellites, including the Tiangong-1, Tiangui-1 and Tiangai-1 satellites. 

A Russian satellite is currently in orbit around the planet.